Primary School

Younger learners develop an understanding of their world by testing what they know in a variety of new contexts. Our students benefit from a wealth of opportunities so that they apply their knowledge and reflect on their results, while developing enduring understandings and communicating their experiences with others. HIBS learners are inspired by the process of learning and they, the students, naturally develop skills in experimentation and communication as they learn to value and accept different points of view.

Our Primary school teachers have proven expertise in classroom instruction as well as specialty subjects, counseling and support services. Our teachers vary their instruction so to meet the needs of the individual learner within a larger classroom setting.

The HIBS curriculum is fully and clearly articulated and is always developmentally appropriate. Our academic focus is on literacy and numeracy and is complemented by well-balanced programs in science and technology, social studies, fine arts, and physical development.

Students at HIBS are introduced to a wide range of co-curricular opportunities, such as after-school activities, community sports and social clubs, in order for students to explore their interests and develop talents that they will enjoy for a lifetime.

Primary Timetable