Overseas Studies

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Why HIBS ?

  • 1.Bilingual and
    international school

    Vietnamese students study at Horizon with the Vietnamese curriculum, obtain their diploma and attend local universities. They can also study at universities abroad as well, because they are fluent and confident in English. International students study at Horizon with our own curriculum, sit for O and A level exams, and get their certificates. Afterwards, universities around the world are open to them.
  • 2.Open to all nationalities
    Regardless of nationality, race, or religion, Horizon school is open to everyone. Our students are respected, loved and cared for equally.
  • 3.Excellent teachers
    and role models

    Teaching is more than information; it is about shaping a character. That brings the importance of excellent role models where kids can learn through the display of virtues, morals and good character. Horizon’s hand-picked foreign and local teachers are excellent role-models.
  • 4.Reasonable school fees
    Compared to similar schools, Horizon’s tuition fees stand out as being far more reasonable. Affordable fees that yield a high quality international and/or bilingual education is no longer a dream!